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Optional Extras

Below is a list of optional extras for you to consider. These can all be fitted alongside your conversion or at a later date.

Elevating Roofs

An elevating roof is the best way to add additional space to a van; not only can they add additional sleeping for 2 people, they also allow you to stand, making getting changed or putting the kettle on a lot easier! An elevating roof can be fitted to almost any make and model van, short or long wheel base, and come in front or rear lift. As standard they come in factory white or black but can be easily sprayed to match the van’s original colour. The roofs are made to the highest quality using the best materials available; the galvanised frames, laser cut scissor hinges and stainless steel fixings ensure maximum longevity. We work with a number of suppliers, most are not only based but also hand made in the UK. This means the lead time tends to be a lot shorter than some of the European made ones.

Solar Panels

If you’re thinking of staying away from the campsites or don’t plan on having 240v hook-up, then a solar panel could be a great investment. We use an ultra thin, but strong 100 watt semi-flexible mono-crystalline solar panel, reinforced with anodised aluminium and a highly durable ETFE coating. Once fitted with a MPPT charge regulator these solar panels could keep a 12v compressor fridge running all day, charge up your mobile phone devices and keep the lights on at night. They certainty are a  great investment and amazing value for money.

Bike Racks

Available for both barn-door and tailgate, or quick release tow-bar, we can supply and fit bike racks to suit anything from 1 – 4 bikes. Perfect for loading up the family bikes and keeping them out of the van while travelling.

Awning Rails

An Awning rail/Multi-rail is a multi-purpose rail, it allows you to attach an awning/canopy to the side of you vehicle as well as providing a gutter for your van to disperse rainwater easily.  You can fit a canopy or awning to the gutter using the ‘pole and clamps’ method or by using the channel and kador strip. Once attached, you will get a large living area off to the side of your van giving you much more space and privacy.


A wind-out awning is the best and fastest way to seek shelter from the rain or sun. They only take a few minutes to wind-out, so perfect for a quick cuppa during the day or for sitting under in the evening with a glass of wine. The aluminium casing comes in either black, silver or white and comes with a choice of fabric canopy.

Diesel Heating

As approved suppliers and installers of the Planar Autoterm diesel heaters, we can offer them with the extended 3-year warranty. At 2kw, these compact and efficient diesels are the best on the market and the only diesel heater in the world to offer a 3-year warranty. Available with a variety of features including a 7-day comfort controller and remote control modern to allow you to control the heater from your phone. These heaters are a must if you plan on camping in the colder months or exploring Europe in the winter.

Vanshades Blinds

Vanshades offer an extensive range of thermal, black-out blinds for the VW market. The made-to-order Window Pod® system not only looks more stylish than standard curtains, but also offers blackout and thermal qualities to ensure that any trip in the van is a comfortable one. Available in a wide choice of colours, they will certainly make your campervan as individual as you are.

Roof Racks

Suitable for all elevating, pop-top or coach built roofs, this is the ultimate accessory to any campervan/motorhome. Made from high grade materials and custom components, this rack is fully adjustable allowing loads to be carried securely and safely with weight evenly distributed down the length of the roof rails. Perfect for carrying Kayaks, surfboards, paddle boards and more.

Double Swivel Base

Since they came onto the market, the double seat bases have always remained in our ‘Top 5’ must haves. They only take 60 seconds to rotate and all of a sudden your van feels bigger, it makes it easier to climb into the elevating roof and you can get 4 of you sat comfortably around a table… what’s not to love.


If you really want to add the ‘wow’ factor to your van, then a thing as simple as reupholstering your front seats would certainly do that. By working with a vehicle reupholstery specialist we can get the seats re trimmed in whatever style, colour or pattern you desire.

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