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Full & Partial Conversions

Whether you just want to make a quick cuppa in the car park next to a beach, wild camp in the forest for 2 weeks or pitch up on a campsite; we can help you design and choose the best conversion for you. For some, a small day-van unit is best, this ensures plenty of storage space for larger items such as bikes, pushchairs or even your dog. If you’re planning on staying in your van for a week or two at a time, then a larger conversion may be more beneficial. These have a lot more design options and can have items such as a compressor fridge, double gas hob/oven and still leave plenty of space for camping equipment. All our conversions are CNC cut for the perfect fit and we only use light weight plywood which has been specifically designed for the campervan industry. The plywood is completely waterproof so will not de-laminate over time. The plywood comes in a wide variety of finishes which means you can really make your conversion unique and suit your exact style and taste.

Elevating Roofs

An elevating roof is the best way to add additional space to a van; not only can they add additional sleeping for 2 people, they also allow you to stand, making getting changed or putting the kettle on a lot easier! An elevating roof can be fitted to almost any make and model van, short or long wheel base, and come in front or rear lift. As standard they come in factory white or black but can be easily sprayed to match the van’s original colour. The roofs are made to the highest quality using the best materials available; the galvanised frames, laser cut scissor hinges and stainless steel fixings ensure maximum longevity. We work with a number of suppliers, most are not only based but also hand made in the UK. This means the lead time tends to be a lot shorter than some of the European made ones.

Lining & Insulation

Road noise and condensation is something you definitely don’t want to see in a camper; by using new 6mm ply on the sides and roof, a foil backed noise reduction material and a heat insulation Dacron, we can help reduce them considerably. All exposed metal work is carefully carpeted using a 4 way stretch carpet and high temperature glue. The door panels are carpeted individually to allow easy removal should you need access to them. The carpet comes in a variety of colours to really give your van a nice warm look and feel to the interior.

Rock n Roll beds

A good nights sleep is probably the most important part of camping, and by using a select few companies we can certainly ensure that happens. Although most bed designs work in a similar way, they vary a huge amount in quality and design. We use a couple of UK based companies who specialise in campervan beds. Each bed is made with a combination of different density foam and if needed, a layer of memory foam. All metal work is powder coated to stop corrosion and ensure the bed has maximum longevity. Whether you choose fabric to match your existing front seats or go for something completely different, we can ensure you will end up with a good looking seat and get a great nights sleep.


Want to let natural daylight into the van ? How about some ventilation for the passengers travelling in the back? Then you’re going to need some windows fitted. Unlike the cheaper glass on the market which has a film on the inside, we use a dyed tint meaning there’s no chance of scratching the tint off. All glass comes in 80% privacy, it’s light enough to still get a great view out, but dark enough to stop people looking in. All the glass is made and designed for each van specifically and is bonded onto the van rather than the older rubber sealed type.

Solar Panels

If you’re thinking of staying away from the campsites or don’t plan on having 240v hook-up, then a solar panel could be a great investment. We use an ultra thin, but strong 100 watt semi-flexible mono-crystalline solar panel, reinforced with anodised aluminium and a highly durable ETFE coating. Once fitted with a MPPT charge regulator these solar panels could keep a 12v compressor fridge running all day, charge up your mobile phone devices and keep the lights on at night. They certainty are a great investment and amazing value for money.

12v & 240 Electrics

Electrics can be very overwhelming to some, with so many choices of leisure batteries, relays, sockets, LED lights, USB’s, 12v and 240v, it’s sometimes hard to know where to begin. But by talking it through with the customer we will ensure you get exactly what you require and will ensure you have plenty of power options no matter what type of camping you’ll be doing. We use a wide variety of sockets, switches and lights which are all available in a large range of designs, and because they can be fitted almost anywhere you will have plenty of options to get exactly what you need and where.

Diesel Heating

As approved suppliers and installers of the Planar Autoterm diesel heaters, we can offer them with the extended 3-year warranty. At 2kw, these compact and efficient diesels are the best on the market and the only diesel heater in the world to offer a 3-year warranty. Available with a variety of features including a 7-day comfort controller and remote control modern to allow you to control the heater from your phone. These heaters are a must if you plan on camping in the colder months or exploring Europe in the winter.

Kombi Conversions

Sometimes a car just isn’t big enough but a van just doesn’t have enough seats for a growing family, this is where a Kombi conversion comes in. They are very popular for people who don’t necessarily want a camper van, they don’t really need an elevating roof nor do they need any electrics. With a few windows, carpeting, insulation and some genuine seats we can transform your van into a the perfect multi use vehicle. With up-to 6 seats and a large boot space they can become the perfect everyday vehicle without the need for a car. We often stock seats for the VW T5, T6 and Ford Custom but also work with a couple of suppliers who stock them.

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